RCB Collections has over 100 years experience and we conduct ourselves professionally in accordance with all state and federal collection laws.  With this in mind, you can rest assure that we will pursue your accounts with the latest technology and collection methods to bring you the best return on your dollar.

  • We collect on a commission basis
  • You only pay when we collect
  • All accounts are reported on the debtors credit file
  • Accounts will be Skip Traced through numerous software products to assure we have the most up to date information on them
  • We will obtain judgments on your debtors allowing us to garnish wages and bank accounts
  • All collection expenses and Legal fees are paid by us

We will work with your in house collections department to assist in collecting on accounts prior to coming to our office.  We will also allow your office access to

  • Online credit files
  • Criminal background checks
  • Quick and easy ways to list accounts via mail, fax, email, web interface & secure data transfer

Your office will also have free 24/7 access to web interface which will allow you to

  • List accounts
  • Display & print reports
  • Check account status
  • Send messages to our office
  • Report direct pays
  • Review monthly collection statements
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